Happiness is a choice, as is fear

When I look at these pictures of myself, the greatest change I see is dissipating fear. In the bottom right was a woman who was 6 months in remission who feared/“knew” she would die of her cancer returning. A year ago, I lived in the fear I would die a […]

Chemo Complete…Onward to Happiness

I made it through the celebrated the last day of the fourth round on May 10. As predicted, the side effects were the worst during the fourth round. The anti-nausea medications given to me during the last infusion did not keep the nausea at bay, and I had to take […]

Ringing the Bell: My Last Chemotherapy Infusion

After being released from the hospital and receiving the good news regarding the clear PET scan on Friday, April 10, we spent the weekend reveling in the good news and smiling constantly. Although my neutrophil count (“ANC” = absolute neutrophil count) was too low  at 0.6 to proceed with my […]