Happiness is a choice, as is fear

When I look at these pictures of myself, the greatest change I see is dissipating fear. In the bottom right was a woman who was 6 months in remission who feared/“knew” she would die of her cancer returning. A year ago, I lived in the fear I would die a […]

2 Years, 2 Lives

On February 3, I celebrated the two year anniversary of my first day of chemotherapy. I spent the entire day celebrating, both inwardly and outwardly: Celebrating the fact that my mind was clear and not foggy from chemo and that I was able to successfully make it through a stressful […]


Life never slows down. No matter how much I plan my days, schedule time for myself, schedule work in actual “work hours”, I find my days passing before I’ve realized that I’ve experienced them. Since I last blogged, I fortunately have been lost in living a life that has been dizzyingly, blissfully […]

Stepping forward and flashing back

I had a busy start to my fall that started with my trip over Labor Day weekend to visit my family in Alabama. After getting back from visiting them, I launched into weeks of work travel, hitting new cities weekly and spending more nights in hotels than in my own […]

Views from the Other Side

I can’t believe Labor Day weekend is upon us. It feels as though the past three months passed in a matter of minutes despite the fact that this summer has brought several profound experiences where I felt like time stopped altogether. The summer started off on a pretty rough note […]


On April 23, I ran my first ten miler. This race was incredibly special to me for multiple reasons. It was the Chapel Hill 10 Miler that benefitted UNC Lineberger, which I wanted to run last year but I couldn’t participate because I was in the midst of receiving chemotherapy there. This year, […]

A few of my favorite chemo things

Before I started treatment and even through the first round of chemotherapy, I expected that research and preparation would force my experience with chemotherapy to conform to known experience and plan. However, despite a lot of research and lengthy conversations with my medical team, I realized on the first day of chemotherapy […]

One Year NED

In the scheme of life after diagnosis, this has been a big week. April 2nd marked one year since I was declared “NED” (or “No Evidence of Disease” for all of you who are fortunately not versed in cancer-speak, and which marks the start of remission for DLBCL). It was a […]


We are a month into that period where everyone is checking their progress toward their New Year’s resolutions. On New Year’s Eve, my fitness instructor asked me if I was making a resolution. I scoffed, because with the exception of one year that I gave up fries, I do not […]

Six Months Post-Chemotherapy

Last month I officially hit the six months post chemotherapy mark. As with most everything else associated with cancer, it came with mixed emotions. In some ways, the past six months feel like an eternity, and, in others, it feels like seconds. To catch you up on the past two months […]