Six Months Post-Chemotherapy

Last month I officially hit the six months post chemotherapy mark. As with most everything else associated with cancer, it came with mixed emotions. In some ways, the past six months feel like an eternity, and, in others, it feels like seconds. To catch you up on the past two months […]

Lymphoma Awareness Month

Over the weekend, I was cleaning up the photos stored in my phone and came across the picture below. This was a picture I snapped on July 16, 2014, which captured the growing “balls” in my neck that were becoming increasingly visible (they are just to the left of my […]

First Post-Treatment Scans

    Since I officially finished chemotherapy on May 10, 2015, I had been counting down to July 14 for my first scans. I have mentioned my affinity for numbers and schedules, so it made sense to me to define my life post treatment in terms of number of days […]

Laughter Is the Best Medicine

The week in April that I was hospitalized was the most challenging in terms of facing and understanding my own mortality. The past month since I lost my job has brought an entirely new set of challenges and realizations of my sense of self and strength. Working through the devastation […]

Chemo Complete…Onward to Happiness

I made it through the celebrated the last day of the fourth round on May 10. As predicted, the side effects were the worst during the fourth round. The anti-nausea medications given to me during the last infusion did not keep the nausea at bay, and I had to take […]

Ringing the Bell: My Last Chemotherapy Infusion

After being released from the hospital and receiving the good news regarding the clear PET scan on Friday, April 10, we spent the weekend reveling in the good news and smiling constantly. Although my neutrophil count (“ANC” = absolute neutrophil count) was too low  at 0.6 to proceed with my […]

Home!! And a Clear PET Scan!!

I ended up spending six nights in the hospital. I was released Tuesday around 5pm after a very long day. Tuesday morning started off on a good note, because I knew I had had made it the required 48 hours of being fever free; however, with each hour I had […]

My first hospitalization

    I felt great Tuesday and had a busy day at work followed by a really strong workout at the gym then took the girls out for a walk to let them enjoy the spring weather. After finally settling back into the house and eating dinner, I had to […]

A Long March

The Monday before my last infusion was a difficult day; not because I was feeling particularly burdened with side effects of chemotherapy, but I couldn’t stop thinking, worrying, feeling. Going into my third infusion last Tuesday the 24th, I was anxious. I felt like there was more pressure on this […]

What does lymphoma look like?

By last Saturday, my energy levels had returned to almost normal and have been great ever since, so I feel like I have a good week to recover before going in for my third infusion next Tuesday. We also had an awesome time last weekend hosting Alecia and Amit, and Abbey […]