Yearly Archives: 2013

A New Household Standard: Seafood Gratin

It is a greatly known fact that food excites me. I love researching new food, techniques, restaurants, and planning meals. After spending most of the weekend on the couch with Jason and the girls trying to get over  this cold I picked up in Europe, I decided to brighten up […]

Lean, Cream and Green Pasta

I have always been a big lover of vegetables, including the green ones, even as a child. However, I have not been able to get into the green juices that are all the rage these days, and prefer to stick to taking in my greens the good old fashion way: […]

Guilt free eggs benedict for brunch!

Eggs Benedict, and all variations thereof, is one of my favorite brunch dishes, next to steak and eggs. However, it can be very high in fat (hence delicious). I found a Cooking Light recipe that gives the same scrumptious-ness without all of the fat! This recipe substitutes sabayon for Hollandaise, […]

Soup for Spring: Cauliflower Soup

I  enjoy eating soup all year long, but since the weather is finally warming up like to have a lighter soup to compliment the foods I eat in the spring and the weather.  This soup will add a nice course to a meal without adding calories and fat (I know […]

Feasts with Friends and the Best Brownies Ever!

I have always loved entertaining guests for brunch, dinner, and overnight stays. Recently, we have had two sets of dear friends come visit. We had Bryan, Christina and Harper come down and visit us for a long weekend, and decided what better way to welcome them to the south than […]

Mexican Style Pulled Chicken

I created this recipe after watching Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on the Food Network last week, which featured a place calledTaco Taco in San Antonio. The owner is this adorable Greek lady who decided to start a taco restaurant, and they showed her making her pulled chicken, which looked incredible. […]